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LLD – Leg Length Discrepancy

by Tiesta Store 11 Sep 2021
LLD – Leg Length Discrepancy

What is LLD?

Leg length discrepancy (LLD) is an orthopaedic problem in which a persons both legs are of unequal lengths.

How is the LLd treated?

Treatment for a discrepancy depends upon the severity. In many cases, a difference in leg length can be evened out by wearing a lift in one shoe. A person with a more significant difference however, may benefit from surgery to make his or her legs the same length.

How did TIESTA came to rescue?

As you are aware , TIESTA is all about customising footwear, we make footwear for broad feet, narrow feet, big size to small size and we are up for customising anything. To be honest, we had no idea about LLD, until our client approached us to customise a footwear with different lift height in each shoe. And that’s how our journey began.

What is the process of making shoe for LLD? Are the methods , materials and process different?

After making couple of LLD shoes , now we are comfortable in terms of taking measurements of our client’s feet online, earlier we use to call our clients to our studio for measurements and now we have shifted completely online.

We commit to mould your vision,
into a beautiful pair with love and precision!

What are the challenges involved in making shoes for LLD?

So a handmade footwear is made with a combination of three artisans in total – Upper, bottom and Finishing karighar. Generally the pattern cutting is standard for each size but when it comes to making shoes for LLD, we have to be more careful in minute details like the length of the lift in each shoe, adding heel to one shoe and making the other flat and upper patterns. Also, LLD customers have broader than regular feet, considering all these, time managing becomes a bigger challenge and making sure we can the perfect fit for our customers

What inspired you to make LLD shoes?.

When we started Tiesta , our goal was to make designer footwear for each and all keeping comfort in mind. We have already nailed standard sizes, broad sizes, narrow sizes, flat feet and more and didn’t want to stop. We were glad when our initial few LLD clients approached us to make a designer pair for them. We could sympathise with their struggle in finding a comfortable pair for them throughout their life.

How does it feel after making comfortable pair of LLD shoes for our clients?

It’s a feeling we cant express when we see our clients smiling and overwhelmed when they wear a perfect pair of shoe as per their LLD size. The positive feedback and reviews we have received from them wearing a comfortable designer wear to weddings or parties for the first time is what keeps us motivated.

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