Tiesta- Bridal!

First the proposal, next the ring, the wedding date, the dress and then the shoes or is it the shoes and then the dress?

So what do women look for when they are buying their wedding shoes? Regardless of which comes first, is it designer driven or comfort driven? Although it is only one night out of the rest of your life, walking down the aisle in your dream pair of shoes in comfort from your perfect shoe designer would be a win, win for you and for your feet.

It has been said that planning a wedding is a series of endless details that cause both frustration and elation. To be sure, there is one detail your feet don’t want you to overlook — your shoes. Though some say it is more important to think function over fashion when picking your wedding shoes, we recommend you find a happy middle ground. With the myriad of wedding shoe options Tiesta has, that should be easier to execute than your rehearsal dinner seating chart.

For The Bride

The first thing to think about is comfort. Remember that you will be standing on your feet through out on your wedding day. The last thing you want to have to deal with is pain that limits your mobility and enjoyment.

Some experts recommend that all brides have two pairs of shoes — one formal pair for the ceremony, receiving line, pictures, and arrival at the reception, then another comfortable and more casual pair for the rest of the night. Ballet slipper-type shoes are a popular reception choice for a reception night that will be heavy on dancing and your feet.

Be sure to pick a shoe that complements your dress and your own style. After all, you’ll be seeing them in pictures and maybe even video for the rest of your life.

Consider the fabric of your dress. Some say to match silk and satin gowns to satin shoes. Sandals, pumps, and strap heels are all appropriate footwear on your big day.

Very important — take your shoes to your fitting so the hem is accurate. Elaborate dresses do not require elaborate shoes, while more simple dresses are greatly enhanced by Glittery shoes.

Many questions arise when considering shoe options for the bride. Should the shoes be the same style or just the same color? Should there be different heel heights to even out the bridesmaids? Can each woman pick the type and color of shoe that most suits her taste and style?

Well enough said… we are here to solve your major chaos 

You can select our existing collection by clicking on the below link –https://tiesta.in/product-category/tiesta-bride/


Get in touch with one of our designers at 9819009672/9930592785

We give you options to select from various different styles – flats to wedges to high heels)

Once you select the style- we have variations in each type –


As you choose your shoes design you select colours – the most popular colors, according to our customers so far are white, golden glitter, and black. Remember that white and off-white colors can vary dramatically and be difficult to match.

You can select different colour for every different part of the shoes!!!

As per your choice of heel size to different design, to different fabric of your choice, we also make your wedding shoes special by making it out of your wedding outfit’s fabric to match it up, silk, satin lace, metallic velvet and detailing work!

You will certainly appreciate all of these details when you decide on making your wedding shoes from us ! Happy shoe hunting!- oh shoe hunting over.