Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world” – Bette Midler

Women have a strange connection with their shoes. On a dull day, give a woman a perfect pair of shoes and all her blues will vanish! Since shoes are so important to women, we have to think a million times before buying that one pair of wedding shoes. Everything right from the color to the design to comfort has to be flawless. The shoes should enhance the wedding dress, adding to its style quotient and at the same time keeping your feet happy. Long gone are the days when nobody noticed the bride’s shoes as they hid under her gown. It’s time to flaunt that special pair, who knows if you’ll ever wear it again?

Every woman has a dream designer they’d wish to wear on their wedding day. It’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect bridal shoes for your special day!

We give you a variety of classic shoe designs by Our Designers Janvi and Helly to get you started.

At Tiesta , you can simply order your shoes online on our website – . There are wide range of international designs to be chosen from the online store and they can also be made precisely according to one’s size by contacting us! It is our top priority to give our customers the best possible shoes, stylish yet comfortable without leaving a hole in your pockets.