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Why Customise your wedding footwear ?

by Tiesta Store 08 Sep 2023
Why Bridal Sneakers


Few Q&A answered by Janvi :

Your name and role in the company?

My name is Janvi, i am the cofounder at tiesta , Tiesta is a family-run business, led by two sisters—myself, Janvi, and my sister Helly. I wear many hats in my life, including being a daughter, sister, wife, and now a mother to a three-year-old boy. Tiesta, our brand, is like my first baby, and my role is marketing ,managing team spirit and helly takes care of production completely.

When did you launch the brand?

Does it focus only on bridal sneakers or other products as well? - Tiesta was launched in 2016, and since then, we've been all about customization. While bridal sneakers have become our specialty, we cater to all kinds of footwear in any size, design, and color. We believe in creating shoes that match your size and style preferences.

What inspired you to create bridal sneakers? 

The power of customization inspired us to create bridal sneakers. One day, a client walked in and wanted a specific type of wedge, matching her lehenga, with a 4-inch heel. That's when the idea struck us. When we posted a picture of the shoes on Instagram, we received an overwhelming organic response with 1000 likes. The acceptance we received through features on Wedding Sutra, WedMeGood, Tweak India, ShaadiSaga, and others was truly magical.

What kinds of sneakers does the brand feature?

We create sneaker wedges and sneaker platforms. Both styles can be customized in any color and heel height, allowing us to work wonders with our designs.

What kind of work does it feature? Do any of them feature any kind of Indian embroidery?

Initially, we started by matching brides' lehengas, but over time, we expanded our work to incorporate various styles. We have experience working with zardosi, cutdana, beads, pearls, and threads. For Indian weddings, we use bold colors like gold, red, and white as the heroes of the shoes, while for white weddings, we love using subtle beads and pearls and white thread.

Do you customize sneakers as per a bride's outfit? If yes, could you give me examples of requests you’ve received and how you’ve managed to match the outfit? 

Absolutely! Customization is the heart of Tiesta. We've received numerous requests, such as, "Hey Janvi, hey Helly, I would like to customize this sneaker wedge in gold that you have. Can you make them in pink? I want to change the embroidery color to lavender and silver shades. Also, these look like four-inch heels. Can you please customize them to 5.5 inches? My lehenga is a little flowy, and I want to match it a little to my fiancé's height." And that's exactly what we did!

How do you balance style with comfort? Do the shoes have any special features like cushioning on the heel, etc.?

We believe that style and comfort go hand in hand. Our sneaker wedges are unique, as we have designed them with the lightest rubber sole available. Additionally, we have cushioning on the heel and throughout the inner shoe, using a soft cloth material for ultimate comfort.

Do you see more of a demand with destination weddings when it comes to bridal sneakers?

Absolutely, We recently designed shoes for a beach wedding in Thailand. The bride wanted red sneaker wedges incorporating her initials and wedding date on the shoes. She plans to wear them on the beach. Sneaker wedges are becoming increasingly popular for destination weddings due to their style, comfort, and versatility.

Why sneakers over heels?

At Tiesta, we love both sneakers and heels. Our philosophy is centered around making any kind of shoe. I've come to understand that brides have to deal with a lot of stress, from makeup to lehenga fittings. Footwear plays a major role and the kind of style and comfort that they get is truly magical.

Major Reason why Tiesta - we make shoes from scratch, we are vegan and we cater to all sizes - 32-45 ,literally!

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