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Broad Feet!

by Tiesta Store 11 Sep 2021
Broad Feet!

Confidence and comfort are key while making a fashion choice. Escape the ordinary by striking a balance between broad feet and the most beautiful pair of shoes you desire!

Don’t force your feet into the right pair, but instead buy a pair “Right” for your feet. Don’t let the wide toes and narrow heels hinder your path of love for shoes but instead, invest some time, know your feet and then make the Perfect Purchase!

Buy a pair that lets your feet breathe instead of crunching your toes. Wear a shoe with a square or broad front, this provides a wiggle room for your toes. Wearing dainty, delicate straps give a visually slender and elegant look. Supple fabrics like suede and nappa are preferable as they naturally mould to the shape of your feet.

Why go for ” I feel they’ll stretch and be comfortable eventually ” when now you can get a shoe without being disappointed later. Not liking the choices available? Well this is where Tiesta steps in!

Why compromise,
when we can customize,
And make YOUR dream footwear, available in your size!

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