Tiny/Narrow Feet!

In a world where fashion is fast most and ever-changing, everyone wishes to stand out from the crowd.

It is said, shoes reveal your personality.

One should never judge a book by its cover but instead by the gorgeous pair of stilettos or the most comfy flats they own!

But how do I find a pair for myself when I have such tiny, narrow feet! Seeking the perfect fit with the perfect design is a girl’s dream come true when she has petite feet. The task of finding the right shoe is tiresome and the outcome, not always promising. And the one place you get your size isn’t really what you were looking for… “The KID’S Section!”

Wearing reinforced shoe laces, using inserts and arch supports may be helpful but before experimenting, one should know about their feet. The solution to this dilemma is TIESTA. We not only promise a comfortable, warm fit but an absolutely stunning pair that you have always dreamt of having.

We commit to mould your vision,

into a beautiful pair with love and precision!

Client Diaries

Yashaswini Dayama – wearing our Tiestas

Yashaswini Dayama is an Indian singer and actor born and brought up in Mumbai. She has been spotted in various ads like Airtel, Hike, Coca-Cola and Micromax. She marked her Bollywood debut in the film “Phobia”, and later cast in the film “Dear Zindagi”. She has even sung a number of songs for the parody and spoof songs of the YouTube channel Shudh Desi Endings.

Shikhani – I had a hard time finding a shoe that fits my tiny feet. The ones I found weren’t really my type. Finding heels my size what a massive task. I got to know about Tiesta through a friend and they were surely a Life Saviour! Thank you so much Tiesta for not only comfortable but beautiful pairs. Looking forward to add more and more Tiesta pairs in my collection.

Every single shoe shop. Branded, Non-branded, High Heels, Wedge boots. I have always got one answer, “ Madam, we don’t have shoes in your size. Sorry. “ Sometimes I feared I have to spend rest of my life wearing slippers only. Then one fine day I got to know about Tiesta. Went to their website and asked whether they can help me? Got an instant YES. Was a bit skeptical at first. What if it does not fit. What if it is not comfortable. Would it be money worthy? But when the first shoes were delivered I was so happy. Color perfect. Design exactly what I asked for. Size perfect. Comfort beyond expectation. Love you Tiesta. You are doing a great job.

Ladies, if you are not getting shoes of your size as your feet are too big or too small or just the right size, go for Tiesta. Their shoes would make your day.

Thanks Tiesta.

-Aditi Sarna

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